Typing Delay


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Great Articles

I posted a while ago complaining about how slow it can be using Google docs in Chrome on my old laptop. I also work a fair amount through remote desktop. In both cases typing delay can be very frustrating. Even a slight delay can subtly cause more mistakes and a sense of friction. I did some research and came across some amazing articles on the topic:

My Takeaways

  • For quick notes Notepad is super fast - sadly it is very bare bones.
  • For coding and text editing Notepad++ is a fast option. It is faster than many competitors.
  • Other things that can help: a low latency keyboard, a fast monitor, and a powerful CPU.

Pavel's article was written almost 5 years ago at the time of writing in 2020. I'd love to see more recent data for VS Code, and current markdown editors. Perhaps Atom is a good substitute.