Lightweight Writing Tools


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Chrome and My Old Laptop

I've been getting a little frustrated with Chrome on my laptop - google docs and Gmail are getting pretty damn slow. VS code is also sluggish.

There are a few options:

  • Double the laptop RAM 8GB->16GB
  • Use a native app like sublime, notepad++
  • Find a new native writing app for windows
  • Try something like Roam or a free alternative

RAM Upgrade

I've been putting off a RAM upgrade because the 16GB SODIMM costs nearly half what I paid for the laptop and I'm not 100% certain how much it will help. Seems to make more sense to just buy a new laptop instead.

Code Editors


VSCode is a bit slow for me but better than Chrome. There are also extensions for it like VSCode Markdown.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a fast native code editor. I haven't looked into using it as a Markdown editor.


Another native code editor. Haven't tried using it for Markdown.

Markdown Editors and Writing Applications

I found a few links on Markdown editors and writing tools in general but haven't looked at them yet:

Personal Knowledge Management

PKM isn't necessarily related to finding a lighter weight writing solution but it came up while I was reading on these topics. I've noticed Roam is really popular with bloggers like Nat Eliason and others in that realm. It looks really cool but I already have a enough subscriptions so I gathered some info on alternatives. Not all of them are free.

PKM Alternative

This reddit thread yielded a lot of options: Open Source Alternatives to Roam Research

Interesting Concepts

Some items that came up while I was reading: